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Najdi stáže v oblasti, která Tě zajímá. Podílej se na výzkumu a vývoji jako stážista.
National Youth Information Centre
NICM offers a list of possible internships in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is not limited to students after graduation and is furthermore a useful platform for teachers and pupils. NICM is financed by the European Social Fund and the Czech st...
Země: Czech Republic
This platform supports young people, who are searching for a traineeship at a company. They can create a profile, which can be browsed by companies. The platform is focussing on young people, who are in a dual career programme that combines a trai...
Země: Finland
Schü supports young people looking for an internship at companies. The offers can be browsed by region and can be filtered along the professional field. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to apply online for an intership.
Země: Germany
Wissensschule provides a list of companies, which offer internships and summer jobs for young people, who are still at school. The list also includes information on the particular sector.
Země: Germany

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