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Challenge & Contests

Florian Huber

Types of STEM Contests

There are two approaches of the definition of tasks in the existing STEM contests: (1) precisely defined problems or questions that contestants have to...
Florian Huber

Relevance of STEM Contests for Kids

In 2015, Prof. Valentina Dagiene received the "Best Practices in Education Award" for the development of the concept of Bebras challenge in computer science...

Events & Activities


European Researchers Night 2016

The SciChallenge Platform is launched at the European Researchers Night on Friday, September 30, 2016, where consortium partners hosted activities in Budapest (Hun), Prague...
Florian Huber

SciChallenge Presentations at Conferences

SciChallenge was presented at various conferences: Association for Science Education, International day, 6th January 2016, University of Birmingham (UK) flyer circulation to attendees (by...

Education & Career

Florian Huber

Need for more STEM education

Lack of STEM education While it is recognized that science and technology are of key importance for future development and for maintaining the already high...
Florian Huber

Conclusions from Teachers and Experts Interviews

The qualitative study, which was conducted in the SciChallenge project, gained experiences, suggestions and recommendations from two groups of stakeholders: STEM?teachers and experts. By...

Stories & Experiences

Florian Huber

Felix (12) is motivated for SciChallenge!

at the European Researchers Night 2016 in Vienna Felix (12) Why are you here? Because I'm interested in Science! What do you like most about#EuropeanResearchersNight? The CERN Control Centre...
Florian Huber

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