aniAre you concerned about our world? Because I am and for a while I’ve had this ambition about helping African continent, the place where all the global problems get together. I think everyone’s familiar with the situation, when children have great ideas but adults don’t take them seriously and just flip them off. Most of them think that we’re just kids and aren’t capable of getting involved in something as huge as for example supporting the whole continent. SciChallenge gave me a chance as a teenager to realize my idea and make my dreams come true. If the society laughed at the concept of using clay tanks in Africa as water cleaner, now I have an opportunity to show it to them that my idea is worth of attention and respect. If you know the situation I went through, make a project, upload it on and I promise that you won’t ever regret it. Of course there is a chance that you won’t win. So what? At least you’ll say: I’ve done my best but it just wasn’t meant to happen! Don’t be sad because this is a huge experience and you never know who might see and find your idea worth a shot. I want to wish all the participants good luck and tell the readers that it’s our turn to help the planet. So don’t be scared of being crazy and imaginative, because no one’s going to criticize you on

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