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This Project is one of the SciChallenge 2017 winners!

A search upon Borospataka's amphibians #SciChallenge2017

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During the years 2015-2016 I've done a research to seek out the amphibians. My researching area is Borospataka (valley) in Lunca de Jos, in the valley of Trotus.
In this researching area I could find variable form of habitat like as puddles, sources and their swampy area.
During my fieldworks I examined and followed the movements and behaviour of the common frog (Rana temporaria), yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata), common toad (Bufo bufo) and newt species (Triturus sp.). Because the habitats are in a constant alteration – and this phenomenon affects the dimensions of the amphibians population – I would like to continue my work in the future to find solutions that could help to curb the decay of the habitats.
The number of the wetlands investigated by me is 14 and on 10 out of these 14 I could find signs of spawnings. Based my measurements I can say that – from the growth’s point of view – the amphibians are using most frequently the puddles.
Through my measurements I evidenced that the most frequently met races on the examined habitats are the newt species (absolute abundance is 10 while the other races have an average of 0,19 abs. absolute abundace.)
Based on theoretical literature I draw the conclusion that during the years 2005-2010 the amphibians have had more habitats at their disposal (Demeter et. al 2011) than today on the territories chosen by me to examinate – this stands out from the number of the camplings. Ergo the habitats are disappearing.
My hypotesis that the habitats are disappearing is being confirmed following ny neasurements and their comparation with the theoretical literature. It is an important that the next generation to be able for recognizing the most minute values because for a landscape with large biodiversity the amphibians a way important part because they are the building blocks of the mosaic landscape.
The diminuation of the habitats is not affecting only the amphibians population but has a negative effect on other animal population. The value destruction of this type can be controlled only by making the people conscious about the importance of theese values and their importance for the future.
A search upon Borospat...
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