Airnamics d.o.o.

Sector: Consulting and engineering
Medvode, Slovenia

About Airnamics d.o.o.

Airnamics was founded in 2011 to develop advanced mechatronic systems. We custom engineer high-performance Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for industrial applications. The products are based on our unique UAS development platform that integrates virtual simulation environment with all the main physical UAS building blocks. It enables us to decrease the UAS development time and cost by up to an order of magnitude.

Main Activity Area: Aviation industry
Research Area: The crucial condition for the development of the commercial UAS sector is the legislation that will enable a safe integration of UAS into commercial airspace. It should also encourage private companies to build interesting applications and services around it. UAS systems can simplify our lives and make them more secure by providing advance search and rescue capabilities, surveillance and public safety enhancements, infrastructure and building inspections, delivery of medicines and food to remote locations, disaster recovery, etc.
Achievements: Stability, security and peace are one of the fundamental cornerstones of modern society. UAS systems, as every technology, can be used in a positive or negative way. In order to encourage the positive and limit the negative you need to understand the technology and its nuances and apply that knowledge accordingly. Airnamics will continue to push the state of the art of the UAS research in order to develop new applications and capabilities and try to protect the public from the negative use of the technology.
Staff Qualifications: Every member of the core team is directly connected with the aviation industry, either as an engineering professional or as a professional, sport or model airplane pilot. Our broad professional background covers mechanical and electronics engineering, computer science and embedded systems, composites manufacturing and industrial design. This gives us a unique opportunity to develop everything in-house, from carbon fibre airframe to all on-board computers and systems, fly-by-wire autopilot and control algorithms. We have complete control over every aspect of the system which enables us to push the safety and performance to a new level.