Maternia, s.r.o.

Sector: Health and medical technologies
Prague, Czech Republic

About Maternia, s.r.o.

Maternia is group of dedicated professionals who are enthusiastic about providing a clear choice for contact lenses and great customer service.

Main Activity Area: Maternia sells contact lenses and doing so allows people to be involved in activities that are not possible with glasses. The company is improving European e-commerce world, helping other businesses to be as successful as they are.
Research Area: They act in 14 countries around Europe:
Czech Republic: https://www.vasecocky.cz/
Slovakia: https://www.vasesosovky.sk/
Italy: https://www.lentiamo.it/
Germany: https://www.321linsen.de/
Austria: https://www.ihrelinsen.at/
Switzerland: https://www.lentiamo.ch/
Spain: https://www.lentiamo.es/
France: https://www.lentiamo.fr/
Sweden: https://www.lentiamo.se/
Denmark: https://www.lentiamo.dk/
Romania: https://www.lentiamo.ro/
Bulgaria: https://www.lentiamo.bg/
Greece: https://www.lentiamo.gr/
United Kingdom: https://www.lentiamo.co.uk/
Achievements: Maternia, s.r.o. is the biggest seller of contact lenses in central Europe and one of the biggest in all the Europe. Maternia s.r.o. has processed over 1,5 million orders in the past eight years.
Staff Qualifications: php programmers, marketing specialist, data analyst