Tetra Pak

Sector: Food and nutrition
Lund, Sweden

About Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak was established in 1951 in Lund, Sweden. Initial efforts were in development of package for milk with the aim at minimizing the used material while providing hygiene and protecting nutritional value that led to innovation of tetrahedron-shaped package. Nowadays Tetra Pak packages are used in more than 175 counties and in 2015, 78.2 billion liters of products were sold in Tetra Pak packages. The company employs about 23000 people with €11.9 billion net sales in 2015.

Main Activity Area: Beside solutions for liquid food products, the company provides also processing and packaging technologies for a large spectrum of products including vegetables and fruits.
Research Area: Major areas include food processing and packaging solutions, and distribution equipment.
Achievements: The company is known for innovation of tetrahedron-shaped package for liquid foods. It is believed that Niels Bohr (1922 Nobel Prize in Physics) has claimed that he "never have seen such an adequate practical application of a mathematical problem."
Staff Qualifications: For instance, a university degree in automation or mechatronics engineering.