Sector: Media and Creative industries, incl. Education
Stockholm, Sweden

About Wrapp

Wrapp is a free app that the user connects to a debit or credit card and that will give personalized offers, rewards and cash back automatically based on where, when and how the user shops. Wrapp together with the card adds intelligence to every purchase user makes by giving them offers and rewards from brands they like and follow. Wrapp wants the user feel valued, no matter where they shop. Wrapp is a privately held company with office in Stockholm, Sweden founded by entrepreneurs Hjalmar Winbladh and Aage Reerslev with the purpose of improving relationships between shops merchants and their customers.

The company is founded in 2011 and currently has around 50 employees. Initially Wrapp was released in Sweden. In 2012 Wrapp was lunched in UK, Norway, US, Finland, Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

Main Activity Area: Suggestion of personalized offers based on previous purchases
Research Area: For instance, intelligent mechanisms for data analysis
Staff Qualifications: