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Quciker, more efficient diagnosis method, using hepatitis

Topic: Health
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My experiment is a quicker more efficient diagnosis for poverty stricken countries using the wonders of silk fibroin.
It uses an ELISA test as the main form of diagnosis and silk fibroin to add other qualities such as transportation without refrigeration. Silk fibroin was also a successful base for my project as it had the perfect arrangement of particles and sheets, which I explain more in ‘the process of my experiment’.
What basically happens is instead of antigens and antibodies binding in the wells that come provided in the ELISA kit, they instead bind on the silk fibroin, which allows them to soak more efficiently and be transported without any cooling. The diagnosis is very quick and is done under two hours depending on the illness, some may be shorter, but in this case when using the disease hepatitis it takes two hours. My hypothesis is, will a quicker more efficient way of diagnosis, stop the outbreak of epidemics in poverty stricken countries. Like I said earlier my experiment can be presented in two ways, the basic ELISA kit or on a square of silk fibroin, it is quite small which means it can be easily transported in large quantities.
I went on to later develop my idea into a care package with wound care, diagnosis and tissue regeneration, all aimed to help developing countries who need cheaper and more efficient equipment. How it works is that, it will all be sent over to the targeted country, the materials (silk fibroin) for the wound care and tissue regeneration will be provided and can be used straight away, chemicals can also be sent over without refrigeration if they are put into the silk fibroin. Then lastly the ELISA test will be included and ready to use, there will be instructions that I have simplified also included so that a professional doesn’t have to carry out the test.
Quciker, more efficien...
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