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Search Engines
Search engines are programs that enable users to search for documents using specified keywords and as a result return a list of documents in which the keywords appear. While search engines are in general computer programs, nowadays this term is used to indicate web-based search systems like Yahoo!, Google or Bing. These systems utilize automated software (so-called bots, crawlers, or spiders) that visit web pages and gather as much information as possible. The gathered information is used by search engines to create a searchable index of the page.
Besides web search engines, there are other types of search engines, for example:
Local Search Engines - often referred to as "off-line" search engines. These are designed to be used offline, within a single computer or a local area network.
Meta-search Engine - uses the results returned by querying other search engines and combines them in a single place.
Blog Search Engine - search engines that are designed to search and return results from blogs only.
Search engines have a great impact on peoples' lifes. People use search engines every day to search for information related to events, cultural activities, health concerns, products, school related information and a myriad of other topics. Business owners often apply several optimization techniques to their own websites (search engine optimizations) to make sure that their website is ranked highly by search engines.
Paid Information: Search engines are collecting their financial means through ads. Although this is necessary for financing their activities, it might create misleading information, if paid ads are shown on top of the search outcomes.
Filter Bubbles: Filter bubbles tend to show information to the user selectively and based on their location and search history. They isolate the user in their own cultural and ideological bubbles, thus separating information that disagrees with their viewpoints. This poses a challenge that needs to be addressed in the future.

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