Online Life
The internet and smartphones have infiltrated and changed our life enormously. We can use the internet at home, at work or mobile on our devices. To spend some of our private time on the internet is quite normal nowadays. Maybe some of us are interested in chatting, meeting new friends, exchange ideas, photos or videos. One of the big advantages is the direct and immediate access to information through online maps, street names, books, Wikipedia and so on.
One of the most negative impacts of the internet on our daily life is that it might expose our personal life to a wider audience that we wouldn't normally 'meet in street'. As children are becoming more competent users, the risk of exposing personal details and putting themselves and others at risk is becoming more apparent. Pictures and other personal files are scattered online and unfortunately not everyone has good intentions in becoming a 'friend' on social media. How can we have a digital life that is safe and secure?
Social Life: People, and especially children, are vulnerable to exposing too much information in their digital life. What are the good practices when we engage with the online world?
Social Networks: It is very easy to get friends with someone on a social media channel. But: are we really making new 'friends'?
Social Behaviour: It is argued that our behaviour on the internet is similar to our behavior in everyday life. Anti-social behavior such as internet addiction is a disorder influenced by our growing engagement with online activities and excessive amounts of time in front of the screen.

Social friends, Online personal exposure, Digital information, Social footprint, Digital presence, Social behaviour