The qualitative study, which was conducted in the SciChallenge project, gained experiences, suggestions and recommendations from two groups of stakeholders: STEM?teachers and experts. By analysing of the answers obtained from the interviews, we found out that the teachers, opinions, suggestions and experiences of STEM contest are similar and comparable to the ones from the experts. The minor discrepancy can be explained by fact that experts are with practice in education, people who have already participated in competitions or have organized them, have connection to
the companies, universities.

Both experts and teachers agree that a new challenged base education method will lead to encourage the interest of students in natural science, technical and other selected subjects and to create preconditions for the preparation of a sufficient number of top specialists in the STEM fields. It will also help to boost the participation of students in educational activities, while maintaining the principles of equal access to education with regard for socio?economic status of a student.

The answers, suggestions and recommendations of teachers and experts, which were collected in this study, will be used as a support document during the preparation process of the SciChallenge contest.