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Intensive Care Unit Information System (ICU-IS)

Topic: e-Health
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PROBLEM: while a patient is at intensive care unit (ICU) in a hospital, it is not easy for his relatives to get enough and on-time information from the patient. So they are worrying about their patient. As the ICU is not a normal hospital room, it is not allowed to enter the ICU for health reasons, so ICU is a closed and controlled room. So the patient’s relatives can not see the patient and can not get real time information. ICU doctor only gives limited information to patient’s relatives from time to time. So that patient’s relatives worry too much.

According to my research, there are some hospitals that ICU rooms have Windows and patient’s relatives can always see the patient behind a window. But this type ICU is not too many, just a small percentage of hospitals. Generally hospitals have ICU as closed and controlled rooms.


My grand mother had a surgery in a hospital and after her surgery she stayed 2 days in the intensive care unit at the hospital. During her stay, we can only get limited information about her situation and can not see her. So we worried too much about her situation. I researched this subject and I saw all over the World ICU situation is almost same. Closed and controlled room. Not much communication.


Because of my grand mother’s situation, I tried to find a solution to ICU – patient’s relatives communication. I decided to maket his Project.

Three information has to pass from ICU to the patient’s relatives: patient view, patient health situation, doctor comment. By this way patient’s relatives can get enough information at any time and they will be happy.

I made a mobile application that can take patient’s view from the IP camera which is in the ICU. At the ICU there is a health monitor which follows patient's heart rate, body temparature, blood pressure and respiratorty rate. My mobile application is transferring these data online to Internet. Also I made another mobile applicaiton for doctor. Doctor can enter his comments into this mobile application and this app transfers this comment to Internet.

I made a last mobile application for patient’s relatives. By using this mobile application, patient’s relatives can reach patient’s view, health values from the monitor and doctor comments. Patient’s relatives can use this application any time at any where. So that they will not worry any more about the patient’s situation because they can get enough online information .
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