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Biotope: Life In The Water
A biotope is defined as the combination of the physical habitat and its associated community of species. Besides other habitats, also the water has its biotope and a diverse environment with many different inhabitants. Some of them are visible only under a microscope, whereas others can be bigger than a circus tent.
The water environment is very diverse. It can be a puddle, a pond, a river, a sea, an ocean, a wetland or a volcanic lake. The organisms of such specific environments live in equilibrium.
The balance of the life in the water is very fragile and it keeps adjusting to the changing conditions of the external environment through evolution. However, the influence of humans on these environments often changes these conditions too vigorously and irreversible. In these cases, the organisms cannot adapt and animal or plant species become extinct. Human influence on the chemical composition of air and water can furthermore cause changes of the climate.
All these influences caused by humans change the balance of the entire ecosystem. On the long run, it will also have an impact on the humans themselves - as our bodies consist of more than 50% of water.
Environmental Protection: The world under the surface of water is beautiful. Discover why we need to and how we can protect the water biotopes.
Water Ecosystem: Water organisms have relationships with other inhabitants in that environment. Every species has a role in the food chain. Every species has an influence on the environment and on the ecosystem from global viewpoint.
Human-water Dependencies: Water is essential for human beings. We do not only need drinking water for surviving, but there are many other aspects, why we need to take care of our rivers, lakes and seas.

Water cycle, Environmental protection, Climate change, Water recycling, Life in water

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