Green Buildings
"Green building" is an overarching concept of sustainable architecture and construction that can appear in various forms of expressions. Some experts focus on how to use only ecological and renewable material in construction, others focus on the importance of energy efficient buildings and others focus on how to cause as little waste and damage as possible during the time of construction.
To be able to fulfil all these goals, one important part is to focus on recycling possibilities in construction. Recycling of materials in building processes are very limited today and face interesting challenges. One important aspect is how to limit the waste of material during construction by improving calculations and logistics. There is also room for improvement in the recycling of materials used in our buildings. It is important to think about how we can include already recycled materials in new constructions or how we can reuse materials when buildings are eventually torn down. Generally, the ecological impact, a lack of raw materials in the future, economics and good quality construction must be considered to create green buildings that can provide the spaces that our future society requires.
Environmental Impact: Many of the resources used for constructions are finite and we cannot continue with extracting them at the pace we are currently doing. The need for new buildings is also increasing. Providing affordable constructions of good quality including recycled materials is a challenge.
Sustainable Building: There is a need to put effort to evaluate which materials can be recovered and reused after buildings are torn down and to improve the process of recycling and upcycling of construction materials.
Cooperation: Green buildings require cooperation between all different actors involved in the building process in order to increase the amount of materials that could be reused. New recycling methods need to be developed.

Green buildings, Sustainable construction, Environmental impact, Building materials, Cooperation

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