Climate Change
The temperature climate of the earth is unstable and it is getting warmer. We are reaching levels that will cause growing problems unless we manage to stop the process in due time. The process of global warming is mainly caused by the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in combination with certain other gases such as methane and nitrous oxide that prevent warmth being released through the atmosphere.
Carbon dioxide is released into the air through the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal. A reduction in the use of these materials is crucial for decreasing the effects of global warming. This is a big challenge that will need both technical solutions and political commitment. Creative solutions in everyday life can also make a difference and we will all need to do our part to prevent global warming from increasing.
Carbon Dioxide: The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere needs to be lowered and the issue must be addressed from many different angles. Reduction of releases is the most important issue, but there are also alternative ideas to achieve this goal.
Consumption: In order to decrease the levels of carbon dioxide we need to look at which products we consume in which ways. This involves everything from food and clothing to how we travel or heat our houses. A great challenge is to make our consumption patterns more sustainable.
Deforestation: Our forests are a resource that helps to reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide. However, forests are disappearing at a fast pace. Deforestation is a great issue that Europe and the entire world needs to face.

Global warming, Carbon dioxide emissions, Deforestation, Consumption, Carbon sequestration