Big Data
Big Data is exactly what the name suggests. Big data can tell you all kinds of different things, such as what we are doing when, what type of clothes, toys or food we prefer, what we are searching on the internet and what we are interested in. But why are we interested in all this information and what are we doing with it? Due to the recent technological advancements, we are collecting and storing more and more data, and the appetite for Big Data is increasing.
We are interested in Big Data because we can identify patterns or trends and use them carefully to make important decisions. Large toy shops for example analyse this information to extract the demand for their toy products and translate this information to see what the kids like to buy most. Based on this, economic players make business decisions and shape their advertisement strategy accordingly. In fact, more data allows us to see things in a new and different way. And it is not just commercial retailers and marketing organisations that work with Big Data. Big Data can also be used related to meteorological data, genome sequences, biodiversity programmes or large collection of data.
Mathematics: Big Data can be seen as a topology of graph nodes, where the traffic of data converges into and around a few nodes. For example, a well-known tech and analytics company identified a group of more than 100 Japanese engineers involved in an online discussion about circuits. Based on the conversation patterns, it then pinpointed two or three people, who were at the centre of the conversation. These 3 people were later contacted by the company to benefit from their ideas.
Computer Science: The dissemination of nearly all information in digital form, the advances of sensors, visualisation and machine learning are combining to create enormous opportunities.
Engineering: Large amounts of data are increasingly accumulated in the energy sector with the continuous application of sensors, wireless transmissions and so on.

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