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As you might know from your families and friends, some people are always healthy, whereas others get sick all the time. Although our heath condition differs, all of us have to take care of our bodies and minds from a very young age. Hence, we should not to postpone this care to “later” stage but we need to start early with it, because the prevention of a disease is easier than its treatment.
If one understands the context and comprehends of what we eat, drink and how we live, then we can make decisions about how we will handle our health. We will furthermore be more resilient to advertising and modern trends etc.
Scientists have examined for many years how to stay healthy efficiently. One route is to take a chemical approach, dealing with which medicines are beneficial to the human health and which chemicals are harmful to the body. Health is examined by biologists, microbiologists, physicists, doctors and many other professions. It is a complex state as all fields are intertwined and connected to each other.
External Conditions: There are different external factors that can influence our health. However, it is also crucial to think about the be influenced by external factors? Try to find connections and combinations related to general conditions that can influence our health.
Chemistry: There is more and more concern about the variety of chemical medicines prescribed by doctors. Especially, the question of interactions between medical products is contested.
Vaccination: More and more people are skeptical regarding vaccinations. Especially the question if the advantages of vaccination outweigh disadvantages is a contested field.

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