stem4youthThe millennium is the era of technological breakthroughs, of everything digital, and the job market goes in the same direction: the highest expected salaries are in fact those of future graduates in science and technology, and the current job market demands for more digital professionals than higher education can supply.

STEMFORYOUTH is an EU funded project to strengthen the link between STEM education and future jobs for young millennials. The project will produce a series of free, ready-to-use kits targeted for teachers of students aged 14 to 19. Toolkits will be structured around 7 disciplines: engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, astronomy and a transversal subject: citizen science; each discipline will be composted of 7 to 9 core modules, including guidelines for class tuition, educational material for students, assessment tools and external contents like videos or games. Each module will also show which work skills and competences can be developed and how these address the needs of the labor market. Classes will take place at schools, universities and science festivals across 6 partner countries. At the end of the project an international student competition will give students the chance to work with pupils from other countries online, win tablets and smartphones and travel to the final event to present their project.

Social networks, urban happenings and public workshops will complement school activities and create a community of science and technology students, teachers, researchers and professionals for a better view of career options after school.

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