Research-based Organisations and Companies
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ChemAxon is privately owned with global headquarters in Budapest, US East Coast facility in Cambridge, MA, and sales and support offices in Europe, Japan and across North America. Founded by Ferenc Csizmadia and his brother in 1998, ChemAxon has s...
Sector: Information and communication technologies (ICT)
Maternia is group of dedicated professionals who are enthusiastic about providing a clear choice for contact lenses and great customer service.
Sector: Health and medical technologies
Mitas is one of Europe’s leading producers of off-road tyres. The history of Mitas dates to the 1930s, when tyre production started in Prague, then the capital of Czechoslovakia, and in the Moravian city of Zlín. Mitas currently operates three pla...
Sector: Transportation and logistics
A small Czech company focused on 3D printing, founded in 2009. It is a young, dynamically developing company (65 employees as of November 2016).
Sector: Information and communication technologies (ICT)